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I concentrate on limited audience targeting.  What is that?  Limited targeting is specialization.  Small business is seldom a department store and more often than not seeks to do business in a limited geographic area.  When optimizing your site I key in on what your specialization is and who your target audience is.
Why Local SEO?  What is SEO?  What is the process?  Can I do SEO myself? 

  • Do you know your SEO rate?

  • How does your SEO compare with your competition, for that matter who really is your competition?

  • Are you using the right La Crosse SEO Keywords?

  • How many area people are looking for the keywords you are using?

  • How many back links do you have?  They significantly improve your SEO

  • What can you do to improve your Local Search engine optimization?

  • How much traffic do you really have  (page counters are not accurate)?

  • Do you know which pages are being looked at? 

  • Do you know which products people are looking for?

  • Are you listed in Google Places? 

  • How about your DMOZ listing? 

  • Do you have a Alexa ranking?

  • When does your domain expire, it can affect your position in search engine rankings

  • Do you have a social prescence?

These and many others are important considerations in any SEO plan.  La Crosse Web Design has the experience and software to increase your search engine response.